Professional Dent Express & Hail Repair

Professional Dent Express LLC is the expert in automotive paintless dent repair; saving you TIME, MONEY, and YOUR CAR’S FACTORY FINISH.

Now located at 1320 W Mann Rd in Laredo Tx, 78041. Next to Home Depot and behind Academy.

Specializing in:

  • Auto Hail Damage
  • Paintless Dent Repair


There is a quick and smart way to fix hail damage without hurting your resale value and saving the warranty on your factory paint. When performed by a quality technician, that hail damage can be removed without leaving a trace that it was even damaged.

Just click GET HAIL REPAIR NOW button above and fill out the brief form and we will work with your schedule to have a look at your vehicle and give you a free estimate / inspection. 11,000 Hail Repair Vehicles and Counting!


David Durden, the esteemed owner of Pro Dent Express PDR, has built an unrivaled reputation in the field of hail damage repair since 1998. With an impressive record of restoring over 60,000 vehicles, which includes 50,000 door dented ones and a staggering 11,000 hail-damaged cars, his expertise is second to none.

David’s commitment to excellence is reflected in every service offered: from free expert advice and complimentary hail damage inspections to the generous provision of insurance deductible assistance. Every repair carried out by the Pro Dent team is accompanied by a lifetime guarantee, underscoring their dedication to quality and trust.

Our ultimate goal? Restoring your prized vehicle to its pristine, pre-storm condition. Rely on Pro Dent Express PDR for timely, top-tier work. In the world of hail damage repair, they don’t just aim to complete the task – they ensure it gets done right.


  • Timely Repairs, Done Right the First time
  • FREE Hail Damage Inspections
  • Insurance Deductible Assistance
  • Expert Advice You Can Trust
  • Lifetime Warranty



5812 East Dr,
Laredo, TX 78041


2520 Veterans Blvd
Del Rio TX 78840


2971 Del Rio Blvd
Eagle Pass, TX 78852




By David Durden

Dent Express owner David Durden turned his love of cars into a dent repair business after Professional Training. Dent Express was established in 1998 in Laredo, Texas and services a regular route including Laredo, Eagle Pass, Del Rio as well as other affected towns and cities. When hail falls Dent Express concentrates its resources on cities where thousands of cars are damaged for months at a time. Dent Express has years of hail damage and dent removal expertise and works closely with customers to ensure customer satisfaction. Over 11,000 Hail repair cars and over 50,000 door dent cars since 1998, as of this writing.

Professional Certifications

David Durden of Dent Express has been recognized by his industry peers with ARC Certifications in Hail Repair and Paintless Dent Repair. Click here to verify credentials.

Commercial PDR

Dent Express has earned a reputation for being dependable and professional. Other companies in the industry needing assistance completing large commercial jobs will often call on us to do sub-contract work from time to time.

Dealership PDR

We have done work for each and every franchise automobile dealer in Laredo, Eagle Pass, and Del Rio. While we still do some work for these dealers, the demand for our work on hail storms takes us more and more to the retail hail market. Since 1998 we have worked on over 50,000 vehicles for these dealers.

Peer Validation

Not only are we proud of the work we do, we are also quite proud of the relationships with dealerships, body shops, and parts vendors that we have built over the years. Below is a brief list of some of these people that we are proud to call friends. If you would like a recommendation, feel free to reach out to any of these companies and ask about the quality of our work.


  • Shane Quinn – General Manager, Brown Automotive, Del Rio, TX  830-775-7550
  • Mike Movesesian – Body Shop Owner, Mo’s Paint and Body, Austin TX 512-507-3193
  • Steve Hopf – Ultra Dent Tool Company, Riverside, CA  951-784-9905
  • Bernard Maurer – Body Shop owner 40 years Retired, Eagle Pass, TX   830-213-8468
  • Jessie Jacaman – Owner, Jaga Motors, Laredo TX 956-723-2424
  • David Howard – Used Car Manager, Brown Automotive, Del Rio, TX 830-775-7550
  • Mayelo Cantu – Owner Mayelos Truck and Tire Service,  Eagle Pass, TX 830-776-5830


What Does Hail Removal Involve?

The Auto Hail Repair process 

Auto Hail Repair is a specialized process designed to restore vehicles that have been damaged by hailstorms. Hail can cause unsightly dents and dings on the surface of your vehicle, affecting its appearance and potentially diminishing its value. At Professional Dent Express, we have perfected the art of Auto Hail Repair, employing a meticulous process to ensure your vehicle looks as good as new.

The first step in the Auto Hail Repair process is a thorough inspection of your vehicle. Our skilled technicians assess the extent of the hail damage, identifying the dents and evaluating the severity. We take into account the size, depth, and location of each dent to determine the most effective repair approach. Once the assessment is complete, we discuss the repair options with you and provide a transparent estimate, outlining the necessary steps and associated costs.

Next, our highly trained technicians employ a range of techniques to restore your vehicle’s appearance. For minor dents, we may use paintless dent repair (PDR), a method that involves gently massaging the dented area from behind the panel, without the need for repainting. PDR preserves your vehicle’s original paint finish, ensuring a seamless repair. When other companies may want to paint your vehicle, we specialize in saving the factory finish and restoring your vehicle to pre-storm condition.

Once the repairs are complete, we perform a comprehensive quality check to ensure every detail meets our high standards. We inspect the repaired areas for smoothness and overall aesthetic appeal. Our goal is to achieve results that are virtually indistinguishable from the vehicle’s pre-damaged condition. We take pride in delivering exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, allowing you to drive away with confidence and pride in your restored vehicle.


Quality Program

Dent Express takes the quality of hail damage and dent removal repairs quite seriously. We treat your car like it is our own. 

Your hail/dent removal experience includes three deep inspection processes to ensure that the dents have been removed as required. After that we ensure that any parts that were removed have been re-installed properly. We strive to have a perfect record with regard to delivering a vehicle that has been repaired to pre-storm condition and has been re-assembled properly. If there is ever a quality issue, please feel free to contact us directly. Our number has been in use since 1998 and is there for your peace of mind – 956-286-5628.

Written Warranty

Professional Dent Express provides an express warranty on all repairs made to your vehicle by Professional Dent Express for the lifetime of the vehicle or for long as you own it. The warranty is non-transferable. Our warranty includes that the paint will not deteriorate, crack, flake, or pit due to our process of repair. If we have not met agreed upon expectations on a panel of repairs you will not be charged for those repairs. If customer agrees that we perform a “Best Possible” (BP) repair then that particular repair will not be warrantied. Warranty repairs would be made by Professional Dent Express. Such repairs cannot exceed the original cost of that repair. In order to obtain the benefits of such warranty, customer is obligated to present owner’s copy of the warranty document to the warrantor.

Deductible Assistance ($2,000 Plus PDR Claims)

Customer Service Discount: We can save you your deductible. We will work with you so you have ZERO DOLLARS out of your pocket to get your hail damage repaired. Every claim is a little different and there are various ways we can work out your deductible. There is nothing slight handed going on here, and we won’t gouge your insurance company. It is simply a courtesy we show you for having your business. When your insurance company tells you to go to a “preferred” or “guaranteed” shop it will be a body shop; you are almost guaranteed to have to pay all of your deductible.

Rental Car Assistance ($2,000 Plus PDR Claims)

We will refund up to $100 of your rental car expense as a courtesy to you. If your rental car cost is not covered by your insurance and you are paying out of pocket, we can help with that cost. This refund must be agreed to before any repairs are started and we must be in possession of your repair estimate and have a signed repair authorization in hand. We will confirm coverage status with your carrier.

3 Easy Steps To Hail Damage Repair
Report Your Claim
Once you report the claim to your insurance company, we just need the claim number and your vehicle and we can get the process started.

Sign an authorization for us to repair your vehicle and we will work directly with your insurance company. We provide your insurance company an estimate and other information they might require and they will normally send an adjuster to inspect. After working details out with insurance, we will contact you to review status and begin working on your vehicle.

Pick Up

The repair process is usually 1-3 days. Sometimes insurance companies will delay with inspections and approvals so some repairs can take 7-10 days. We can usually get your vehicle repaired with no out of pocket costs to you.




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